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Become a Light Shiner

Shine the Light of Christ

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Shine the Light of Christ by Supporting the Next Generation

Sea Turtles are our inspiration.

After they hatch, the newborn turtle babies are hardwired to follow the natural light of the moon to find their ocean home. Only there will they find their true purpose and meaning in life.

But man made lights can lead them astray. We think people aren't so different.

We're easily swayed; hardwired to follow the brightest light, or the latest trend. Man made lights lead us astray too. Today’s young adults are struggling with a mental health epidemic: depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Substance abuse and addiction. Relational struggles, brokenness, hopelessness and even suicide.

#peopleareturtlestoo, as we like to say.

At Sea Turtle Ministries, we amplify the light. Jesus said He is THE light of the world, and we reflect that light in our programs, our culture, our outreach and our ministry.

We've reached hundreds of young adults over the past decade to grow into people of vibrant faith and passionate hope; people who know and experience God’s profound love.

We are disciples who raise up disciple-makers. And with your help, we want to reach even more. Your donation will help us feed young adults in body, soul and spirit.

To expand our outreach to college students, young professionals, and most of all, to those experiencing pain and brokenness.

Our goal is to help every young adult in Charleston get plugged into a fun, faith- filled, authentic community, learning how to know God and find the purpose he created for them.

Will you help us reach them?